bovine gelatin | Wanna have a healthy life? Try Bovine Gelatin!
01 Jan

bovine gelatin | Wanna have a healthy life? Try Bovine Gelatin!

Bovine gelatin is a colorless, odorless powder or granule made from cowhide, bone, and tendon. It consists of about 98% to 99% protein as well as 18 kinds of essential amino acids. The making of gelatin usually requires hot water and acidic solutions which break raw collagen into gelatin. This chemical procedure is known as hydrolysis. Once the hydrolyzation part is done, the semi-finished product continues to be processed by filtration, clarification and sterilization in order to form a dry final product. These edible bovine gelatin products are commonly used in a variety of food products as thickeners and stabilizers. Take desserts as an example, you can find it in products such as jelly, candy, ice cream and yogurt. In addition, it can also be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as a healthy ingredient.

The Benefits of Bovine Gelatin

Physical health:

The easy-to-decompose and easy-to-digest traits of bovine gelatin grant it such significant advantages on metabolism improving and reducing inflammation of the body in comparison to other food ingredients. Additionally, because of its rich in amino acids, edible gelatin is important to enhancing joint and bone health. Moreover, gelatin contains no common allergens and digestive tract irritants. So people with lactose intolerance people and those who have gastrointestinal discomfort can use it freely. It helps to repair the intestinal wall, support nutrient absorption and prevent problems such as intestinal leakage syndrome. In addition, eating bovine gelatin balances your diet in terms of protein proportion while avoiding the extra burden on heart and digestion caused by excessive meat eating. That is why some muscle gainers and dieters intake gelatin on a daily basis.

Mental health:

Glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, is contained in edible bovine gelatin. It can effectively ease anxiety, improve sleep quality, promote mental health and reduce the risks of mental problems for its stress hormones reducing function.


By supplementing collagen, ingesting bovine gelatin can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. It also helps in repairing hair, skin and teeth. As a matter of fact, gelatin is one of the functioning ingredients in making facial masks that smooth your skin.

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