food gelatin | gelatin Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade
01 Jan

food gelatin | gelatin Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade

Food gelatin is a food additive made from edible animals such as cattle, sheep, chicken, and fish according to Islamic law. Pigs and their products shall not be used as raw materials. The gelatin extracted from bovine bones is light yellow, has high concentration, uniform particles, and is easily soluble in water. It dissolves when used, and is convenient to use. The liquid is crystal clear, smooth and delicate, such as white fungus.

It is widely used in food, medicine and industrial fields such as candies, beverages, dairy products, meat products, cakes, frozen foods, tablets, capsules, sponges, and photosensitive materials.
The characteristics of edible gelatin
A. Uniform texture, ready to use
B. Strong freezing, no smell

Edible gelatin requirements
Animal raw materials: food animals (cattle, sheep, chicken, fish, etc.) must comply with Islamic law. Do not use pigs and their products as raw materials. Don't use blood, natural dead animals, disease dead animals and their raw materials.

Slaughter: Cattle, sheep, etc. must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, the slaughter must be a Muslim, and the corresponding scriptures must be recited when slaughtered.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing of products must not contain any materials that do not comply with Islamic law.

Storage: The storage of the product complies with the provisions of Islamic law.

Certification: It must be certified by the Islamic certification body of the relevant country (such as the Islamic Association). These characteristics objectively ensure that halal biological products have higher safety than traditional biological products.

Taking gelatin as an example, qualified halal biological products will never appear similar to "poisonous gelatin".

Due to the purity and safety of its products, it is also easier to be recognized and accepted by ordinary consumers.

Edible gelatin application
Application in the food industry-edible gelatin
Baked goods

When edible gelatin is used to make mousse cakes and other baked foods, the cake made with halal gelatin is beautiful in appearance, does not crack in cold storage, is acid-resistant, does not produce water, does not shrink, and has a firm, stable and silky taste.

frozen food

In frozen foods, it can be used as gelatin. Halal gelatin has a low melting point and is easily soluble in hot water. It melts in the mouth. It is often used to make gelatin, food gelatin, jelly, etc.

As a stabilizer, it can also be used in the production of ice cream and ice cream to prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, keep the structure fine and reduce the melting speed.


As a clarifying agent, it is used in the production of fruit juice, fruit vinegar, pulp beverage, tea beverage, mulberry juice and other products.

Edible gelatin can be used in combination with different substances according to the needs of different beverages to make milk beverages with unique flavor and good taste to improve the quality of tea beverages and make different beverages clear and palatable.


Edible gelatin is used as an additive in the production of various candies, such as toffee, meringue, marshmallow, marshmallow, and soft candy.

It has the function of absorbing water and supporting bones. After the particles are dissolved in water, they attract and interweave each other to form a layered network structure, and then condense as the temperature decreases, so that the sugar and water completely fill the gaps in the gel, and the soft candy can maintain a stable form, even if it bears a lot of weight. The load will not deform.

Dairy products

Edible gelatin is widely used in various dairy products, such as yogurt, sour milk, soft cheese, sweet milk, low-fat cream, etc. The gelatin cured product is soft, elastic and soft in the mouth, which can improve the flavor of dairy products.

Meat products

The application of edible gelatin in meat processing can improve the physical properties of meat products, increase the viscosity and water retention of meat products, give meat products a good taste, and increase the yield of products.

The application of edible gelatin in the pharmaceutical industry

Edible gelatin is often used in the manufacture of tablets, powders and pills, and acts as a binder and ingredient.

Sponge, capsule

Edible gelatin is used to make gelatin sponge, which has a good hemostatic effect. It can also be used to make hard and soft capsules.
The application of edible gelatin in industry
Photosensitive material

Edible gelatin is used to produce photosensitive materials, also known as photographic glue. Can be used for film, photographic printing and X-ray film.

market expectation
The Muslim population with halal habits accounts for nearly a quarter of the world, and the purchasing power of one third of the population is close to the level of developed countries. These countries have a great demand for halal biological products and have great market potential.

Market opportunities
Muslim countries have almost no biological product manufacturing capacity, and most of them rely on imports. In addition, the halal bio-industry follows the general laws of the bio-industry, with high entry barriers and high technological content.

However, most biologics manufacturers, including those in developed countries in Europe and the United States, tend to ignore the special needs of Muslim countries.

There is no doubt that China has a unique advantage in the halal biological industry.

Whether it is from the supply of raw materials, supporting industries, to scientific and technological personnel, and R&D level, China has the ability to occupy this vast market.