Sep 21, 2018
  • Q: What cause marshmallow stickiness?

    A: Excessive glucose, sugars reducing, solids too low etc.

  • Q: What kind of factors will affect aerated confectionery quality?

    A: The type of whipping agent and quality, the degree of aeration, whipping temperature, the ratio of sugar to glucose syrup may affect quality.

  • Q: Why marshmallow is sweep?

    A: Because there are excessive glucose, reducing sugars and solids too low, also, maybe you use wrong type of gelatin.

  • Q: Why there is mold in marshmallow?

    A: Because solids too low, packaging not air tight and contamination of gelatin.

  • Q:Why marshmallow has rubbery texture?

    A: Because you put too much gelatin and syrup viscosity is too high.

  • Q:Why it is dry out of marshmallow?

    A: Because insufficient glucose or reducing sugars.

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