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FOODMATE CO., LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of Gelatin, Collagen Peptides in China. With long-term technology innovation, we supply tailor-made solutions for customers to meet their requirements and thus help them achieve their success. Loyal mate as we are. ...
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I am from India, our capsule factory purchased gelatin from Foodmate since 2012. Foodmate gave us the most suitable gelatin with good quality and they can guarantee timely delivery. If we meet problem in our capsule production,their technical support team can give us advice and supply the accurate gelatin solutions, we hope we can still cooperate w...
Nissan John
I am from Vietnam, I know Foodmate from exhibition, we use Foodmate gelatin since 2015, we get the most suitable gelatin. This year, we visit their factory in Jiangxi Province, we see they are very professional and Foodmate team give me warm welcome. We not only trust their products but also rely on their service, Foodmate is really our loyal mate.
Vietnam Customer
We are a new comer in Food additive industry, our company is trading company, we would like to show our gratitude to Foodmate, because Foodmate not only help us solve many problem in gelatin and collagen but also let us have good reputation in our country, our customers think we are professional and they would like to trust us and ask us more infor...
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Do you know what is gelatin and how to produce it?
What is gelatin? You may not know it, but you must see gummy, yogurt or capsule, which all have gelatin in it. Gelatin can be a food ingredient, a foo...
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Why the gelatin gummy can not be jellified?
Why the gelatin gummy can not be jellified? The gummy is a chewable candy, which is contributed by the gelatin in it. Gelatin makes the gummy chewabl...
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What you eat is not only Marshmallow, but also the air.
Marshmallow is composed of sugar, glucose, gelatin and the air. Yes, the air. Marshmallow is a typical aerated confectionery.The two important ingredi...
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