• gelatin

    Edible Gelatin can work as a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming agent and carrier, Fish Gelatin & Beef Gelatin are our main products.

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  • Collagen Peptides

    FoodPep™ Collagen Peptides is produced from collagen found in the bones, skin, and connective tissue of cow and fish. Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen and Bovine Collagen Peptides are our main Products.

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Our factory can produce 120 bloom to 300 bloom edible gelatin, which can be applied in applications like confectionery, dairy, meat, etc. Each application may have different gelatin requirements. The main function of edible gelatin is gelling, water-binding, and foaming. It is so common to use gelatin to produce gummy, yogurt, dessert, and aspic. Edible gelatin does not affect the color or taste of the food but contributes to the specific quality of the products. Edible gelatin is not only a functional ingredient but also a protein source. It is easier to use than other hydrocolloids which may need specific pH, dry substance, or salts.

Gelatine has demonstrated its versatility in applications for the pharmaceutical industry and medicine. It can be used in the production of capsules or tablets or as a constituent of wound dressings, hemostatic sponges, or blood volume substitutes.

Industrial gelatin can not be eaten by humans. The raw material is different from the edible or pharmaceutical gelatin. Although it is not edible, it can play an important role in the technical area. Generally speaking, industrial gelatin does not have too many requirements as edible gelatin except photographic film. The main function is the stickiness and filming. The glue and photographed film is the main application.

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FoodGel® Edible Gelatin

Edible gelatin:it can work as a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming agent and carrier, so it can be widely used in the food industry.

CapGel® Pharmaceutical Gelatin

The bloom or viscosity is relatively higher than edible gelatin. And the viscosity is more important for pharmaceutical gelatin than edible gelatin. The main functions of pharmaceutical gelatin are gelling, filming, and foaming. With the highly digestible function of gelatin, the capsule can easily release the active ingredient in the human metabolism process.

This is the best choice for capsule production. CapGel® Gelatins can make it easier by giving capsules a smoother texture and enhanced swallowability. CapGel® Gelatins offer capsule stability and can withstand one of the most complicated active ingredients.

Gelatine has demonstrated its versatility in applications for the pharmaceutical industry and medicine.

LeafGel® Gelatin Leaf

LeafGel® Gelatin Leaf can be used in making mousse, pudding, jelly, ice cream, tart, cheesecakes and thick soup, also some people may use gelatin leaf for DIY in their daily family cooking. As it is very convenient to get in a supermarket or local shop and easy to dissolve with heating milk and water, gelatin leaf has become more and more popular in people’s daily life.

FlavorGel® Gelatin Powder

Gelatin powder,(吉利丁粉 in chinese)is derived from the animal source material, like bone, or skin. The main component is protein. Up to now, we produce flavored gelatin as follows: apple, orange, mango, strawberry, etc.

  • Easy to use: With the high technology, we can control the mesh of the gelatin particles. It is easy to use gelatin powder without soaking.
  • Without off-flavor: Gelatin powder makes products without any off-flavor, while the behavior is the same as regular gelatin or leaf gelatin. Besides that, gelatin powder is easy to use and to weigh.
  • Great mouth-feel: With our gelatin powder, the jelly, mousse and pudding can be made. The texture is soft, smooth and fine.

TechGel® Gelatin

TechGel® gelatin is the purified protein product extracted from animal connective, skin or bones.

It is soluble in hot water and qualified during cooling. This product is usually supplied with granular particle size and jelly glue.

PureGel® Fish Gelatin

PureGel® gelatin: This is Halal Gelatin from fish, highly versatile ingredients of natural origin – are the perfect excipient for a growing range of neutral, pharmaceutical and medical delivery forms.

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