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Chinese Collagen Powder Review

Collagen has a long history

Collagen has a long history of application. The Egyptians were already using gelatin in 2000 BC; Collagen was first used in England in the 17th century;  Collagen was used as a protein source during the Napoleonic Wars in the 19th century;  In 1920s, the world produced the first jelly gelatin, collagen in the field of food made a new breakthrough.  

As a fibrin in the human body, collagen is mainly found in the skin, muscles, bones, viscera (stomach, intestines, heart and lungs, blood vessels) and eyes. It is closely related to cell formation, maturation, intercellular information transmission and wound healing. It plays an important role in improving skin elasticity, protecting bone health and caring for eyeballs. At present, there are 26 kinds of collagen discovered, among which type IV collagen is the most abundant and studied collagen.

Chinese Collagen Powder Review
Application of collagen in human body

Collagen is abundant in sources

Collagen is widely found in connective tissues such as skin, bone, tendon and membrane of animals. At present, the raw materials of collagen mainly include skin and bone of landborne livestock and poultry (mostly pigs and cattle), skin of freshwater fish, scales of fish and skin of deep-sea fish. In the development of animal husbandry in China, a large number of bones and animal fur are produced with the slaughter of pigs and cattle every year. Bovine bone protein content collagen accounts for about 70%, is an important raw material for collagen extraction.
In recent years, the overall market volume of cattle in China has expanded. And provid abundant material sources for collagen production in China. According to statistics, the number of cattle shipped to the market in 2018 reached 43.9748 million head. An increase of more than 500,000 head year-on-year in 2017. Meanwhile, the number of pigs remained at 429 million at the end of the year, the production of freshwater fish exceeded 27 million tons and Marine fish exceeded 11 million tons. The large scale and output of cattle, pigs and aquatic products in China provide sufficient raw materials for collagen production in China.

Chinese Collagen Powder Review
Cattle output from 2012 to 2018 (ten thousand head)

Collagen market gradually mature

In Japan and some European and American countries, collagen has penetrated into every aspect of people's life. FANCL and other Japanese companies have applied collagen polypeptides in beauty and health food fields since the 1990s. Pepsi Foods Co., Ltd. launched collagen formula milk powder targeted at female consumers. L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and other enterprises launched beauty and skin care products containing collagen.

With the growth of Chinese women's consumption and the promotion of men's awareness of skin care, the Chinese cosmetics market is constantly expanding. The demand for collagen has been driven by growing demand for products with functions. In 2018, the retail value of cosmetics products reached 261.90 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9.6%; From January to June 2019, the retail sales of cosmetics reached 146.18 billion yuan, up 13.2% year on year. The rapid development of cosmetics industry drives the expansion of collagen demand. And the consumer market of the industry is gradually maturing.

Retail Sales of Cosmetics in China from 2012 to 2019 (100 million YUAN)

In the field of health food, with the proposal of "Healthy China" strategy, Chinese residents' awareness of health care has been further improved, and their demand for health food containing collagen has expanded accordingly. According to the data, there are 191 kinds of health care products mainly composed of collagen, mainly protein powder, tablets and capsules, and protein drinks are relatively few. Among imported health food, there are 8 kinds of health food mainly made of collagen, including 5 kinds of capsules and 3 kinds of protein drinks.


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