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Edible Gelatin:The Secret of Yogurt

Dairy products in the nutritional food has always occupied a position that can not be ignored, the most representative is yogurt. Yogurt is not only rich in lactic acid bacteria and protein, but also a lot of indispensable food additive,such as edible gelatin, food colouring and so on.

The role of food additives in yogurt

  • Add taste and smell

Examples include granulated sugar, fructose syrup, various flavors of jam and flavoring.Real plain yogurt is not for everyone. In addition to adding sugar, food flavor will also be added.

  • Increase protein content

Examples include whey protein powder, concentrated milk protein and so on.The main reason for adding extra protein in yogurt is to avoid yogurt fermentation failure or to make the product have better consistency, better taste and appearance.Because the milk source is not good enough, the protein content of raw milk is not easy to form gel.

  • Increase consistency and stability

Examples include AGAR, edible gelatin, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate ester, pectin and so on.In order to increase and maintain the consistency of yogurt, so that the product has a better taste.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics and dietary fiber are two important factors that help to regulate intestinal microecological balance

  • Extra nutrients

Why do we add edible gelatin to yogurt?

Edible gelatin or pectin is one of the thickeners in food additives. They can increase the viscosity of yogurt and improve the texture and sensuality of the product.The traditional yogurt is first filled and sealed and then fermented, which is called coagulated yogurt. Such a long fermentation time is not conducive to large-scale automatic production in the form of factories. Later, people changed the yogurt process by fermenting milk, stirring and adding food thickeners, such as edible gelatin, AGAR and pectin, to help the yogurt solidify.In this way, the appearance and taste of the stirred yogurt are similar to that of the solidified yogurt, and the properties of the yogurt remain stable. Effectively prolong the shelf life of yogurt, so that the factory can large-scale production. Consumers far away from yogurt production areas can also taste the mellow yogurt.

Is the edible gelatin in yogurt harmful to the body?

Edible gelatin is a commonly used food additive.You can find edible gelatin in candy, jelly and so on. It is made from collagen extracted from connective tissues such as skin, bone and fascia. It is usually white or yellowish, or translucent. It is a protein made by boiling collagen.The preparation process of edible gelatin is in line with food grade and meets the standards of food additives. So gelatin is not harmful to the body.

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