• I. Material acceptance: The main raw material for our plant is Bovine Bone Beef Hide Fish The raw material must comply with the local law, without any disease. We make sure the raw material is well preserved.
  • II. Pre-treatment: Primary goal of the pre-treatment with diluted acid or alkali is to achieve a condition where the collagen structure is broken down easily in “warm water” forming the gelatin. We adjust the parameter of treatment to match the different material.
  • III. Extraction: There are series of extractions with increasing water temperatures. The extraction can occur either at acid, neutral or alkaline pH. This is one of the most significant steps in gelatin production. Our engineers control the pH and temperature to balance the quality and quantity.
  • IV. Filtration: Extracted gelatin solution is purified by using various filtration methods. The methods include DE Filtration, Cellulosic Filtration and Membrane Technology. The combination of filtration bring the Gelatine to meet the stringent quality standard of Foodmate.
  • V. Concentration & sterilization: The filtration system as well as vacuum evaporators are applied in this step. This process gently removes water from the gelatin solution, thereby concentrating it.  We, Foodmate, put the food safety in highest priority. The high temperature sterilization destroy any microbial contaminants.
  • VI. Drying & Grinding: In order to maintain high international standards, the gelatin is chilled and dried in an automated dryer using pre-filtered and sterilized air. The dried gelatin is grinded to different granular size. We can offer different meshes.
  • VII. Mixing & Packing: In order to ensure that gelatin of consistent and uniform quality is available for further processing by the customer, it is standardized prior to delivery. This is performed by mixing the various batches based on the physical, chemical, and, if relevant, photographic data of the individual batches obtained during analysis.
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