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Collagen Peptides For Men: The Health Guardian for Men

Collagen is a kind of protein with a special three-dimensional spiral structure, which is the main structural support for the dermis layer of the skin. The more collagen content there is in the skin, the smoother and more elastic your skin will be. Therefore, collagen often appears in marketing stunt of beauty industry and is enthusiastically sought after by female users. But the benefits of collagen are not limited to women only, it performs to men’s skin just as good. According to the different physiques and needs of males and females, a collagen peptides is specially designed for men. Let's take a look at the benefits of this magical collagen!

collagen peptides for men

The Benefits of Collagen Peptides For Men

With the change of the times, gentlemen now are paying more and more attention and spending handsomely on image and body management. Collagen plays a great role in such efforts. Men taking collagen not only improves skin quality, but also strengthens the bones, protects the eyes, and boosts immunity as well as other functions.

1. Skin protection

Studies have shown that the skin tissues of men and women are similar. The common problems of men’s skin are enlarged pores and excessive oil secretion. Especially to men that smoke, problems such as dry skin and dark yellow complexion are common. Because smoking increases the matrix metalloproteinol in the body, the substance causes collagen loss catastrophically which eventually results the mentioned skin problems. Supplementing collagen will ease such problems while restoring the elasticity of the skin and delaying skin aging.

2. Maintaining your hair

Nourish the scalp first if you wish to maintain hair density is a commonly accepted sense. The key to the health of hair lies in the nutrition of the subcutaneous tissues of the scalp. If the scalp lacks collagen, the hair will be dry, split, and dull. Supplementing collagen makes hair soft and shiny, while preventing gray hair and hair loss.

3. Building muscles

Collagen is closed related with muscle growth. Supplementing collagen promotes the secretion of growth hormone which helps muscle to grow. Try collagen if you wish to maintain your figure long-lastingly.

4. Improve osteoporosis

 Collagen combines calcium with bone cells, thereby reducing calcium loss. Osteoporosis is caused by lack of collagen. Blindly supplementing calcium does not solve the problem fundamentally. It is necessary to take in collagen to strengthen the combination of calcium and collagen to improve osteoporosis.

5. Strengthen visceral function

  The main internal organs and tissues of the human body contain collagen. Underneath the epidermal structure of these organs is collagen. Its greatest function is to protect and strengthen the organs, such as the stomach or intestines.

How to Replenish Collagen

The above said is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits for taking collagen. Collagen supplementation can also be ingested through food, but the conversion rate of nutrients in food is low, the efficiency is slow, and often accompanied by the risk of high calories, it is recommended to intake a special nutritional supplement— —Men's collagen peptide supplements. FOODMATE is China's top 3 food raw material suppliers and manufacturers, China's leading collagen supplier, is an expert in the manufacture of gelatin and collagen, and has a R&D team with more than 35 years of experience. We provide high-quality collagen peptides for men.

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