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Summary of Chinese gelatin exports in the first half of 2021

(Just for Asia and some South American Countries)

According to incomplete statistics, China has exported about 10,000 metric tons of gelatin to the major gelatin-consuming countries in Asia in the first half of 2021. Break it down we see the trade volume of gelatin exported to Vietnam (VN) is about 2570 metric tons, to India (IN) is 2389 metric tons, to Russia (RU) is about 1050 metric tons.

Countries with trading volumes above three digits include Chile (708 metric tons), Indonesia (519 metric tons) , Peru (422 metric tons) ,  Bolivia (410 Metric tons), Brazil (281 metric tons), Colombia (228 metric tons), Mexico (198 metric tons), Philippines (100 metric tons) and so on.  In addition, lots of countries have imported gelatin for volume under 100 metric tons, such as Nigeria (NG), Bangladesh (BD), Uzbekistan ( UZ), Uganda (UG), Sri Lanka (LK), Ecuador (EC), Ghana (GH), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Pakistan (PK), Panama (PA), Uruguay (UY), etc.

In terms of the source of raw materials, China offers a well-round portfolio includes porcine, bovine and piscine derived gelatin. As for the application field, the exporting Chinese gelatin covering edible, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other uses. In addition, products with specialized requirements such as halal, kosher, vegetarian are found in Chinese gelatin as well.

Foodmate is a leading manufacturer of China's gelatin and collagen.

With those said above, it is established that global consumers recognize the quality of Chinese gelatin. In other words, Chinese gelatin factories are fully capable of producing high quality gelatin that meets various standards in multiple countries and well-accepted by people from different religious and cultural background. On top of that, Chinese gelatin has a price advantage in comparison to others. Chinese gelatin is a prime choice for your success.

As the leading gelatin and collagen production plant of China, Foodmate is equipped with stable inventory, advanced technology, mature factory assembly line and an excellent sales team to escort gelatin customers from all over the world. According to customs records, in the first half of 2021, Foodmate has reached friendly and stable cooperative relations with customers from all over the world. Our transaction volume for Asia reached more than 500 metric tons, which makes an important contribution to the total trade volume. We sincerely thank all partners for their support. In the future, we will continue to invest a lot of resources in R&D products and applications to provide you with a better service experience.

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