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Gelatin as a clarifier can be used widely

Gelatin as a clarifier can be to produce beer, fruit wine, liquor, fruit juice, rice wine, almond nut milk beverage and other products.

The mechanism of action is that gelatin can form flocculent precipitation with tannins. After standing, the flocculent colloidal particles can adsorb, agglomerate, form agglomerates and co-precipitate with the turbidity, and then be removed by filtration.

For different beverages, gelatin can be used with different substances as needed to achieve different effects.
For example, in the production process of mulberry juice, gelatin needs to act as a clarifying agent together with tannin and silica gel.
For almond nut milk beverage, gelatin can be used as a compound thickener together with sodium alginate to make a milk beverage with unique flavor and excellent taste.

For different beverages, the amount of gelatin as a clarifier added is different.

  • In fruit juice beverages, the amount of gelatin added is 2% to 3%. When clarifying bayberry juice, an aqueous solution containing 1% gelatin is used.
  • The 0.5% aqueous solution containing gelatin is used in beer clarification.
  • The amount of gelatin in clarified wine is 0.1~0.3 g/L.

In the production of tea beverages, for different tea beverages, gelatin can be used in conjunction with different substances to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of tea beverages. For example, in the preparation of dark tea, the joint action of gelatin and silica gel can prevent dark tea beverages from becoming cloudy due to long-term storage. In the preparation process of green tea, after being treated with a mixture of gelatin and vinylpyrrolidone, green tea cold drinks can obtain good palatability.

If you need know about the gelatin as a clarifier, you can check our gelatin mainpage. And more knowledge or data about gelatin as a clarifie, you can check our gelatin insights.

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