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Turkey Gelatin Market Insight 2021 (Jan.-Aug.)

Turkey imported worth $219.4 billion from the world in 2020, up 10.5 percent since 2016 and 9.3 percent from 2019 to 2020.

From a continental perspective, Turkey procured about half of its total imports in 2020 from other European countries. Asian trading partners supply Turkey with nearly a third of its import sales, while another 6.1 per cent of goods come from North America. Smaller shares come from Africa (3.3 per cent), Latin America (excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean) (also 2.8 per cent) and then Oceania (0.2 per cent), led by Australia.

Turkish gelatin market size

Turkey imports gelatin this year cumulative transaction amount of 8.95 million, a total of 1410 tons. From the point of view of the number of monthly transactions and tonnage, the overall monthly stability, the number of transactions and tonnage in February are the first. The average transaction price is not directly proportional to the number of transactions and tonnage.


In the world, Brazil, China and Germany occupy the top three export markets to Turkey.

As one of the world's largest cattle herders, Brazil is also one of the world's largest leather producers. China accounts for a third of Turkey's imports. So gelatin prices in Brazil, China and Germany are basically stable.  Compared with other countries, the price is more competitive.


Among them, gelatin from China, the transaction amount of 221W, accounting for 24% of the global proportion, the transaction times of 17 times, accounting for 7.4%, a total of 330 tons, accounting for 23%.

In addition, foodmate accounted for 49.7% of the transaction amount and 62% of the transaction tonnage of China's gelatin exports, ranking first among Chinese exporters.


Foodmate Co., Ltd. is the leading food additives manufacturer in China specialized in hydrocolloids, animal proteins, sugar substitutes and more. We are one of the few food ingredients manufacturers that is driven by technology advancement and innovation. The company engaged in principle activities of R&D, manufacturing, sales of natural, nutritious, functional food ingredients. Our product offering includes Gelatin, Carrageenan, Konjac gum, Collagen peptides, FAP and Calories-free Sweetener. We are seeking for partnering with customers worldwide and marching together into a better future.

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