Introduction of fish gelatin

Introduction of fish gelatin

Fish gelatin powder is made from farm-raised tilapia.

It is a Type A gelatin of the highest quality. It is perfect for any recipe that calls for gelatin as well as for clarification.

Note that fish gelatin has a lower gelling and melting point than gelatin produced from mammals (e.g. cow or pig skin).

fish gelatin is usually derived from totox. The nutritional value of fish gelatin is not yet scientifically determined. It is known that the demand for fish gelatin has caused many species such as yellow-lipped fish and California gulf totox to be endangered.

It is made from the skin and scales left over from the production of fish fillets without viscera, blood, meat, etc.

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Gelatin & Collagen Collagen peptides are widely used in nutrition bar, sport drinks, solid drinks, functional food, collagen tablets, Cosmetics,etc.


Food grade & Pharmaceutical grade & Feed grade Gelatin and collagen can mouth feel improvement, protein enhancement, water retention, etc.

Certified Quality

HALAL & ISO & SGS Professional gelatin and collagen products. HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. certified

Foodmate Gelatin

Foodmate Co., Ltd. is an expert on manufacturing gelatin and collagen with an R&D team of over 8 years of experience. It is a 100% owned subsidiary manufacturing plant of Foodchem Group, the TOP 3 Suppliers & Manufacturer of food ingredients in China. The manufacturing base covers an area of about 6600㎡, whose production capacity reaches 3000 tons/year. Both pharmaceutical and food-grade gelatin are exported regularly to over 52 countries, which are fully certificated on HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and FDA.

We commit to world-class quality, safety, efficiency and invonation to sustain the constant growth of our strategic partners as well as Foodmate business.

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How to soak fish gelatin hair

1. Before eating fish gelatin, it must be soaked in advance. There are two methods: oily and water. Both thick fish gelatin can be used. However, the thin fish gelatin is easy to rot, so it is better to use it. The oily hair is better.
2. Oily hair: oily hair is suitable for small fish gelatin such as yellow fish gelatin and turtle gelatin. Wash the isinglass first with warm water and drain it, then put it in a warm oil pan to fry. The oil must be kept at a low temperature to ensure the quality. When frying, don't fry the fish gelatin, the outside and the inside are impenetrable. When it is broken, it can be fished out when the cross-section is like a spongy, but it should be noted that the fish gelatin will not be fried at the same time because of the different thickness. Yellow lip belly, hairy belly, sturgeon gelatin and other large and thick heads. When the oil is fat, first simmer the fish gelatin in a low-temperature oil pan for 1-2 hours. When the fish gelatin is soft, use the more vigorous one. Increase the temperature of the oil and keep turning until the fish gelatin swells up enough. But the fire should not be too strong, otherwise, it will easily cause the outer focus to be impenetrable;
3. Water hair: First soak the fish gelatin in clean water for a few hours, wash it off, put it in a braising pot, add cold water to boil, then remove from the heat, let it cool down and then boil it, boil it two or three times a day, take it out after two days, and use Soak in water for later use.

How to soak fish gelatin hair

How to choose fish gelatin

1. The number of years of isinglass: Generally, if you want to eat it right away, it is best to choose old fish gelatin. The quality of old isinglass is much better than that of new isinglass. The color of old isinglass is relatively yellow. Depending on the quality of the meat, it can be divided into dark yellow. , Golden color, etc., and there is no fishy smell. The new isinglass is relatively white in color and has a strong fishy smell.
2. The quality of fish gelatin: the quality of isinglass is clear after you stew it. If the water is turbid, it is not as good as the clear one, and there is basically no fishy smell. There is also real isinglass, no matter how long it is stewed, it won’t It will suck.
3. Look at the quality of isinglass, some are coarse and some are tender. Pick up the isinglass and look at it in a brighter place, you can see the lines and fleshy inside it, to judge the quality of the isinglass.
4. Isinglass male and female: Isinglass is divided into male and female. They are taken from the maws of male and female fish respectively. Hong Kong people prefer to eat male fish. They are greedy for thin and soft body, and they are not easy to melt in the mouth. On the contrary, people in China are fond of masterbatch and believe that thicker bodies are more viscous. All in all, each has its own advantages. In terms of shape, the male is longer and thinner, while the female is rounder and thicker; in terms of taste, the same kind of gum is more refreshing, and the female has more gum, so it is more viscous; from the time of stewing Look, the male is more resistant to stew than the female; in terms of efficacy, the male is better than the female, so the male glue is often much more expensive than the female glue. The more authentic isinglass has Zhenwei brand isinglass, Zhenwei Wei brand red-mouthed isinglass has the best effect, and yellow croaker is the most cost-effective.

How to choose fish gelatin

The nutrition of fish gelatin

1. fish gelatin with spinach, nourishes blood and stops bleeding, has a preventive therapeutic effect on anemia and gum bleeding during pregnancy, and also has an effect on constipation and hemorrhoids.

2. fish gelatin is sweet in taste and mild in nature, enters the kidney and liver meridian;

3. It has the effects of invigorating the kidney and essence, nourishing muscles and veins, stopping bleeding, removing blood stasis, and reducing swelling;

4. Treat kidney deficiency and Huajing, postpartum wind spasm, tetanus, vomiting blood, blood collapse, traumatic bleeding, hemorrhoids, etc.

The nutrition of fish gelatin
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Fish film is very easy to use. I have bought it many times and the quality is very good. It is used to make mousse cake, jelly, and cheese sticks. They are all good and easy to use.


The method of use is simple and convenient, soaking in cold water is soft, and it is melted by heating in water. Used to make mousse cakes, it was successful the first time.


Take out each piece of the same color and size, crystal clear, look carefully without any impurities, the quality is very good.


The quality is very good, the fishy smell is not too heavy to be acceptable, the desserts made are also very good, and the Q is delicious.


I bought the coconut milk recipe, very successful, convenient and convenient!


It is very simple to use, open the package, take the film, tear it into pieces, put it in a container, soak it in 30 ml of pure water, and then heat it in a water bath to let the film dissolve.


There is a sealing strip on the packaging bag, which can be sealed each time after taking it, which is convenient for storage and basically has no fishy smell.

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Pure fish gelatin is a healthy, natural source of pure protein that can help aid digestion, strengthen joint health, promote hair and nail growth, improve brain function, benefit skin health and more

The most striking feature of fish gelatin is that it is widely acceptable for all religion and cultures and is not related with the risk of outbreaks of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)

Why do you make marshmallows with a gelatin derived from fish? A regular marshmallow is made with beef gelatin, and with any meat product, you can't buy the regular brand and stay kosher. So we started using fish gelatin. The marshmallow is a very big item for kids, for the Passover season.

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