Introduction of soft capsule gelatin

Introduction of soft capsule gelatin

A soft capsule gelatin is an oral dosage form for medicine in the form of a specialized capsule.

They consist of a gelatine based shell surrounding a liquid fill.

soft capsule gelatin are a combination of gelatine, water, opacifier and a plasticiser such as glycerin or sorbitol.

The soft capsule material is made up of gelatin, glycerin or other suitable medicinal excipients for capsules in different proportions.

At present, gelatin soft capsules are most widely used in the fields of medicines, vitamins, nutrition and cosmetics.

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Gelatin & Collagen Collagen peptides are widely used in nutrition bar, sport drinks, solid drinks, functional food, collagen tablets, Cosmetics,etc.


Food grade & Pharmaceutical grade & Feed grade Gelatin and collagen can mouth feel improvement, protein enhancement, water retention, etc.

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HALAL & ISO & SGS Professional gelatin and collagen products. HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. certified

Foodmate Gelatin

Foodmate Co., Ltd. is an expert on manufacturing gelatin and collagen with an R&D team of over 8 years of experience. It is a 100% owned subsidiary manufacturing plant of Foodchem Group, the TOP 3 Suppliers & Manufacturer of food ingredients in China. The manufacturing base covers an area of about 6600㎡, whose production capacity reaches 3000 tons/year. Both pharmaceutical and food-grade gelatin are exported regularly to over 52 countries, which are fully certificated on HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and FDA.

We commit to world-class quality, safety, efficiency and invonation to sustain the constant growth of our strategic partners as well as Foodmate business.

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Characteristics of softgel gelatin

(1) Liquid oily substances can be directly enclosed in capsules, without the use of additives such as adsorption and inclusion, and the content of oily substances in soft capsules is as high as 60%-85% (weight), while the content of inclusions is generally below 50% .
(2) If thick gelatin is used to make the film, it can be completely hermetically sealed, the capsule has high strength and film covering properties, and the contents can be kept stable for a long time. According to measurements, the gelatin film has more than 30 times the oxygen shielding properties of polyethylene film. It is very stable to oxygen in the air and can prevent air oxidation and moisture absorption.
(3) After ingestion, the contents are released quickly, the utilization rate in the body is high, and the absorption rate is high.
(4) The content has good uniformity and the content deviation is very low.
(5) It can cover the peculiar smell and smell of some contents, especially for some functional health foods and pharmaceutical applications. Because it is different from general food, it has many peculiar smells and smelly ingredients.

Characteristics of softgel gelatin

Precautions for taking softgel gelatin

1. It should not be opened when taking gelatin capsules
Some drugs have a stimulating effect on the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and may even cause burns. These drugs are packed in capsules to protect the esophagus and respiratory tract from damage. Some capsules are enteric-coated capsules. The shell of the gelatin capsule can transport the medicine all the way into the intestine, so that the ingredients of the drug can avoid the decomposition of stomach acid and reach the intestine safely to be effectively absorbed. In addition, the shell of the gelatin capsule also stabilizes the efficacy of the medicine. . If the capsule shell is removed while taking the gelatin capsule, it may reduce the efficacy of the medicine and increase the toxic side effects.
2. It is not advisable to swallow directly when taking gelatin capsules
When taking a gelatin capsule, if it is swallowed dry and hard, it may cause the gelatin of the capsule to adhere to the esophagus after absorbing water, and the local drug concentration will be too high, which will harm the esophagus and cause mucosal damage and even ulcers.
3. When taking gelatin capsules, it is not advisable to take it with hot water
The shell of gelatin capsule will absorb water and become soft in cold water, but will melt and dissolve quickly in hot water. If the medicine is taken with hot water, the shell of the capsule is easily damaged, and the medicine inside will be released in advance, which affects the effectiveness and safety. Therefore, it is more appropriate to take the gelatin capsule medicine with cold water (not too ice) or warm water.

Precautions for taking softgel gelatin

The role of softgel gelatin

Gelatin, a colorless to light yellow solid, in the form of powder, flakes or lumps. It is shiny, odorless, and tasteless. The relative molecular mass is about 50,000 to 100,000. The relative density is 1.3~1.4. It is insoluble in water, but when immersed in water, it can absorb 5-10 times of water to swell and soften. If heated, it will dissolve into a colloid, and it will become a gel when cooled to below 35-40°C; if the aqueous solution is boiled for a long time, The properties change due to decomposition, and no gel is formed after cooling. It is insoluble in ethanol and chloroform, but soluble in hot water, glycerin, propylene glycol, acetic acid, salicylic acid, phthalic acid, urea, thiourea, thiocyanate and potassium bromide. This product does not solidify when the concentration is below 5%, and usually forms a gel with a 10%-15% solution. The gelation temperature varies with concentration, coexisting salts and pH value. Viscosity and gel strength vary with the relative molecular mass distribution, and are also affected by pH, temperature and electrolyte. If the solution of this product encounters formaldehyde, it will become an irreversible gel that is insoluble in water. This product is easy to absorb moisture, due to bacteria, please pay attention to it when storing. When hydrolyzed, various amino acids can be obtained

The role of softgel gelatin
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Fish film is very easy to use. I have bought it many times and the quality is very good. It is used to make mousse cake, jelly, and cheese sticks. They are all good and easy to use.


The method of use is simple and convenient, soaking in cold water is soft, and it is melted by heating in water. Used to make mousse cakes, it was successful the first time.


Take out each piece of the same color and size, crystal clear, look carefully without any impurities, the quality is very good.


The quality is very good, the fishy smell is not too heavy to be acceptable, the desserts made are also very good, and the Q is delicious.


I bought the coconut milk recipe, very successful, convenient and convenient!


It is very simple to use, open the package, take the film, tear it into pieces, put it in a container, soak it in 30 ml of pure water, and then heat it in a water bath to let the film dissolve.


There is a sealing strip on the packaging bag, which can be sealed each time after taking it, which is convenient for storage and basically has no fishy smell.

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Foodmate is a leading manufacturer, producing soft capsule gelatin.

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