Introduction of gelatin factory

Introduction of gelatin factory

gelatin factory is the factory that produces gelatin. 

High-tech production process.  

Gelatine is produced in a complex, multi-stage process using high-tech industrial equipment.

The starting material is the connective tissue of pigs, cattle or fish.

Collagenous protein is separated from pig, calf and cattle skin and bones and made into gelatine.

Collagen molecule is a spiral body formed by three polypeptide chains intertwined. Through the process of processing, the collagen molecule spiral body is denatured and decomposed into the α-component of a single polypeptide chain (α-chain) and the β-group composed of two α chains. It is divided into the γ-component composed of three α chains, and the molecular chain fragments in between and smaller than the α-component or larger than the γ-component.

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Gelatin & Collagen Collagen peptides are widely used in nutrition bar, sport drinks, solid drinks, functional food, collagen tablets, Cosmetics,etc.


Food grade & Pharmaceutical grade & Feed grade Gelatin and collagen can mouth feel improvement, protein enhancement, water retention, etc.

Certified Quality

HALAL & ISO & SGS Professional gelatin and collagen products. HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. certified

Foodmate Gelatin

Foodmate Co., Ltd. is an expert on manufacturing gelatin and collagen with an R&D team of over 8 years of experience. It is a 100% owned subsidiary manufacturing plant of Foodchem Group, the TOP 3 Suppliers & Manufacturer of food ingredients in China. The manufacturing base covers an area of about 6600㎡, whose production capacity reaches 3000 tons/year. Both pharmaceutical and food-grade gelatin are exported regularly to over 52 countries, which are fully certificated on HALAL, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and FDA.

We commit to world-class quality, safety, efficiency and invonation to sustain the constant growth of our strategic partners as well as Foodmate business.

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gelatin factory :The role of gelatin

Gelatin is a kind of biological macromolecule, so it has some properties of macromolecule. When the dried gelatin is placed in an appropriate amount of water, the outer layer of the gelatin will be slowly swelled, and the phenomenon of swelling will be seen as time goes by. Gradually develop to the inner layer, this phenomenon is called "swelling", also popularly known as "swelling". The expanded gelatin will form a uniform solution with water when heated to a temperature above 35 oC. In short, the commercial glue is first immersed and expanded in cold water for 60 minutes, and then melted in a water bath below 80 oC. (Excessive temperature will destroy the viscosity)
Thermal reversibility is a unique application characteristic of gelatin: the product added with gelatin will be in a solution state when heated, and will be in a frozen state when cooled. This transition is rapid and can be repeated many times without any change in the basic characteristics of the product.

gelatin factory :The role of gelatin

gelatin factory:The composition and properties of gelatin

The protein that makes up gelatin contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 7 of which are necessary for the human body. Except for water and inorganic salts below 16%, the protein content of gelatin accounts for more than 82%, which is an ideal protein source. The finished product of gelatin is colorless or light yellow transparent flakes or particles. Gelatin is insoluble in cold water, but it can slowly swell and soften by absorbing water. Gelatin can absorb water equivalent to 5-10 times its weight. According to different sources, the physical properties of gelatin are also quite different. Among them, pigskin gelatin has better properties, high transparency and strong plasticity.

gelatin factory:The composition and properties of gelatin

gelatin factory:The scope of application of gelatin

Food industry: meat products, minced meat, frozen meat, toffee, marshmallow, nougat, toffee, ice cream, yogurt products, beer clarification, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: capsules, drug adhesives, drug sugar coatings, gelatin sponges, etc.
Other industries: furniture industry, gauze industry, printing industry, tape paper industry, match industry, etc.

gelatin factory:The scope of application of gelatin
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Fish film is very easy to use. I have bought it many times and the quality is very good. It is used to make mousse cake, jelly, and cheese sticks. They are all good and easy to use.


The method of use is simple and convenient, soaking in cold water is soft, and it is melted by heating in water. Used to make mousse cakes, it was successful the first time.


Take out each piece of the same color and size, crystal clear, look carefully without any impurities, the quality is very good.


The quality is very good, the fishy smell is not too heavy to be acceptable, the desserts made are also very good, and the Q is delicious.


I bought the coconut milk recipe, very successful, convenient and convenient!


It is very simple to use, open the package, take the film, tear it into pieces, put it in a container, soak it in 30 ml of pure water, and then heat it in a water bath to let the film dissolve.


There is a sealing strip on the packaging bag, which can be sealed each time after taking it, which is convenient for storage and basically has no fishy smell.

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Foodmate is the leading gelatin factory in China, and the customers comes from more 100 countries.

The manufacturing processes of gelatin consists of several main stages: Hydrolysis of collagen into gelatin. Extraction of gelatin from the hydrolysis mixture, which usually is done with hot water or dilute acid solutions as a multistage process.

Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. Gelatin is not vegan

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